Reverse Infertility Naturally

Infertility is often reversible

You may be able to reverse your infertility naturally and have the baby you’ve been dreaming of. Infertility is often reversible, and it can be easier and less expensive than you may have thought possible.

8-minute Video: The Infertility Crisis &
The Functional Fertility Method Solution

1 in 6
Couples are infertile

Nearly 1 in 6 couples in the US are infertile.

Our society is in the middle of a worsening infertility crisis. Male sperm count has dropped by over half in the last fifty years, and female fertility is following suit. The fertility of both men and women is decreasing dramatically, leading to more and more couples experiencing the heart-wrenching anguish of month after month of failed attempts at having children.

But we have a solution that will also optimize the health of your baby!

What's the Cause of This Crisis?

The factors generally accepted to cause infertility are:

  • check
  • check
    ​Hormone abnormalities
  • check
    ​Smoking or excessive alcohol
  • check
    Extreme weight gain or loss
  • check
    Excessive physical or emotional stress that results in hormonal imbalances
  • check
    Structural abnormalities in reproductive organs

But there is more to the infertility story!

The conventional infertility factors mentioned above are important, but what is really going on under the surface to cause all this infertility?

Scientists are placing the blame increasingly on environmental factors as the cause of rising infertility rates of almost all types of infertility (explained or unexplained). The good news is that these factors are within your control to change so you can increase your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

Testing for Infertility

Targeted testing has the potential to uncover the root causes of infertility, yet the vast majority of couples struggling with infertility receive inadequate testing and evaluation. Hormones may occasionally be assessed, but nutritional status and toxin load are rarely even looked at. This is a problem, because untested metabolic, nutritional, and toxic factors are major causes of infertility. Not only are they major causes of infertility, but they are major causes of preventable childhood health problems such as autism, asthma, learning disabilities, and digestive issues.

Identifying underlying health issues behind infertility is of paramount importance. Armed with the right knowledge about your health, you can target your approach to overcoming infertility.

The Functional Fertility Method is a holistic method of determining exactly where your underlying health problems lie through detailed, comprehensive functional lab testing. Not only that, the Functional Fertility Method teaches you how to correct any imbalances that may be discovered through the testing and evaluation.

The Functional Fertility Method

The Functional Fertility Method is an important tool to assist you on your fertility journey. It consists of functional medicine consultations, functional lab testing to get to the root cause, lifestyle and supplement optimization and a complete at home course on fertility. The course teaches you how to have your infertility assessed and corrected at the root, naturally. The course is taught in a series of concise videos aimed at getting the bodies of both men and women healthy and fertile as quickly as possible. Beth Meneley, LAc, and Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS, teach the course and guide you on your journey.

Why is this Method Different?

The Functional Fertility Method provides you with a revolutionary, yet comprehensive and holistic perspective on infertility. Most infertility treatments try to force the body to conceive with medications, hormone manipulations, intrauterine inseminations, and in-vitro fertilization without optimizing the health of the body first. These fertility treatments are often helpful, but they often ignore the root cause of the problem. For example, hormonal problems are a cause of infertility. It’s tempting to attempt to fix hormonal problems by administering medications or hormones. However, a more permanent, healthier fix is achieved through specific fertility-enhancing lifestyle modifications and nutritional support that help the body heal its own hormonal imbalances at the root while balancing one's biochemistry. These methods are taught in the Functional Fertility Method course and you will be guided through them in the consultations.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other expensive techniques can cost up to $20,000 per treatment. Sometimes, however, infertility can be reversed through much simpler means, such as the methods taught in the Functional Fertility Method. On top of that, the Functional Fertility Method has amazingly positive side effects: improved overall health for you and baby, you feel better, and may even look better. This is because the Functional Fertility Method optimizes the health of the entire body while improving the health of your reproductive organs and increasing fertility. Most importantly, the Functional Fertility Method helps you create the most healthy baby and optimizes it's development.

Medical doctors who are specially trained in infertility know a lot about the most effective interventions for increasing your chances of getting pregnant. These techniques include in vitro fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine insemination (IUI), and more. They can also perform tests, such as hysterosalpingogram, which can identify structural problems that may be contributing to your infertility.

Medical doctors, however, are not trained in depth on the metabolic causes of infertility. Consequently, while the treatments can help you reach your goals, they don’t cover the full spectrum and root causes of infertility. The Functional Fertility Method dovetails with conventional fertility treatments and can be used alone or in combination with fertility treatments prescribed by a fertility doctor. The Functional Fertility Method fills the gap, and it does so inexpensively.

This is why we created the Functional Fertility Method. The method is designed to augment your fertility treatments and advice from your doctor to maximize your chances of getting pregnant while saving you as much money as possible. Not only can the Functional Fertility Method increase your chances of having a baby, but it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in treatments if you get pregnant earlier rather than later.

You can start with just the Functional Fertility Method course and begin an at home self-care program. Or start with our Functional Fertility Method reset program including consultations with one of us and add the course later or purchase the complete Functional Fertility Method program with the consultations and course together. 

What is the Functional Fertility Method Course?

The Functional Fertility Method course is an easy-to-digest series of short videos that guide you by the hand on how to identify and correct underlying imbalances that are affecting your fertility. The concepts are science-based, succinct, holistic, and actionable.

I know firsthand that Infertility can be excruciatingly challenging. Not knowing if you’ll be able to conceive can be incredibly heartbreaking. Because of my own infertility journey, I am doing all I can to create healing for other parents-to-be so you can have the child you’ve been wanting for so long.

Our goal is to help you increase your chances of conceiving and getting pregnant with a healthy baby. I developed the Functional Fertility Method course with Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS to guide you through the process of optimizing your body’s health, increasing your chances of getting pregnant and to help create a healthy baby.

I encourage you to enroll in the course today and start your journey to optimal health and fertility.

The Functional Fertility Method Course is currently being offered for a limited time for only $250. To add the Functional Fertility Method Program, please click here

To Your Fertility,

Beth Meneley, creator of the Functional Fertility Method

6-minute video:

What you get in the course

Course Outline

The Functio​nal Fertility Method course contains the following topics:

  • 1
    What Makes Men and Women Fertile
  • 2
    The Medical Fertility Evaluation
  • 3
    Assessing your Menstrual Cycle and Timing Intercourse
  • 4
    How to Personalize and Prioritize Fertility Treatments (Testing)
  • 5
    Nutrition for Fertility (includes a full nutrition course)
  • 6
    Environmental Toxins, Fertility, and Pregnancy (includes a full toxin elimination course)
  • 7
    Adjunct Therapies for Fertility

Causes of Infertility

Environmental Toxicants

Environmental pollutants are contributing not only to lowered sperm count and quality, but to hormonal dysregulation in both men and women. In other words, pollutants in the environment are causing a great deal of the infertility we are dealing with today.

The good news is that you can take steps to:

Find out if you have environmental toxin load

Get environmental toxins out of your body

Balance the hormone disruption caused by environmental toxins, and...

Improve your fertility

The Functional Fertility Method is an affordable way to get started on your journey to ridding your body of environmental toxins and improving fertility.

Metabolic Health

Often, an unnoticed, underlying cause of infertility is metabolic issues such as blood sugar problems, insulin problems, overweight, obesity, nutrient insufficiencies, and more. The Functional Fertility Method Course can teach you how to have your metabolism assessed and how to address those imbalances should they arise.

Food Supply

Our food supply is not as clean and nutritious as it once was. We get far too few nutrients, too many empty calories, and a lot of pesticides and other pollutants along for the ride. The problem is, our food supply is diminishing our bodies’ ability to fight off infection (microbial immunity), avoid attacking ourselves and our babies (autoimmunity), generate baby's DNA correctly, and create healthy fetuses that survive to birth and beyond.

Eating is incredibly important, and the old advice that you should eat whatever you want but simply eat more because you’re "eating for two” is bad advice if you want to have a healthy baby.

The functional fertility method teaches men and women what to eat so that your nutrients are optimized and your chances of increasing fertility are maximized.

Microbial Imbalances

Infections are a major cause of bodily inflammation and can lead to infertility. Bacterial, viral, fungal, and other infections are severe forms of microbial imbalance and contribute to infertility. However, it’s less widely known that intestinal bacterial balance and gut health have a huge impact on fertility. Unexplained infertility may often times be explained by inflammation and immune dysregulation caused by microbial imbalances that can be found and fixed. The functional fertility method teaches you how to balance your microbial populations naturally, thereby decreasing inflammation.

Excess Cortisol

Stress can wreak havoc on your hormones because, among other things, it decreases progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone. There are many different causes of stress, but it’s important to have an expert do a full inventory of your stress levels and determine if physiological causes (such as nutrient imbalances) and lifestyle habits are primary drivers of your stress and cortisol levels. The Functional Fertility Method Course can guide you in taking a holistic approach to assessing your fertility factors and put you on the fast track to improving your reproductive health.

Who the Method will not work for

The Functional Fertility Method is not guaranteed to work in all cases. Sometimes, infertility is irreversible due to factors such as advanced age. There is no universal age where fertility is irreversibly gone, but it does get progressively more difficult to conceive and carry a baby after the age of 35. The method may improve chances even if your age is advanced, but it cannot completely reverse the effects of chronological age.

Other factors not addressed by the functional fertility method include (but are not limited to) physical problems such as obstructed fallopian tubes or congenital defects. Most forms of infertility can be improved or addressed through the functional fertility method and help you create a healthy baby.

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