How to Get Your Kid (or Yourself) to Take Supplements Consistently and Learn to Swallow Pills

Many people have a hard time swallowing pills. Children need to learn the skill, and the younger the child, the more difficult it is to do.

Taking supplements can be an important part of your healing regimen, so I’ve compiled some resources to get you taking your pills quickly and easily.

How to get kids to take supplements

Getting kids to take supplements isn’t an easy proposition…unless you do it right. Lori Knowles of New Beginnings Nutritionals has written an informative article about how to get kids to take supplements. This is recommended reading for anyone needing to give supplements to their child.

Basic Pill-swallowing advice. Start here.

Still can’t swallow pills? Try this…

and this one is the same information…

A young girl showing how to swallow pills

This one doesn’t show any helpful technique, but it is a good one to show kids for some positive peer motivation.

A more intensive approach if you’re still having trouble

Yvette goes into the psychology here..

This one goes into detail and recommends techniques such as swallowing pills with your head in different positions and practicing with candy