Eliminating Toxins Course

remove toxins from your body &
avoid exposure to everyday toxins

Environmental toxins such as PCBs, heavy metals, plasticizers, herbicides, pesticides etc. are silently wreaking havoc on everyone's health.

What does the scientific research show?

Scientists have discovered that...

of brain cancer is caused by lead
of diabetes is due to pesticides, plasticizers, and arsenic
of asthma is caused by PAHs
of Alzheimer's is caused by Aluminum and DDE
of ADHD is due to  DDT, organophosphates, PAHs and PCBs
of rheumatoid arthritis is caused by dioxin-like PCBs
of Gout is caused by Arsenic
of Breast Cancer is caused by Cadmium and PCBs

Pizzorno et al 2017

Toxins are quite possibly the leading causes of disease today

Health problems ranging from mental health issues to autoimmunity, thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, gout, high blood pressure, and many more can all be traced back to environmental toxins that are common in our environment today.

Why are environmental toxins causing such damage to every organ in our bodies?

Environmental toxins cause free radical damage, interfere with hormone signaling, deplete necessary nutrients, overstimulate the immune system, interrupt fetal and child development, and cause genetic damage, leading to serious, cumulative changes at the cellular level and body-wide damage.

Are environmental toxins really causing all these issues?

Scientific evidence has been mounting for decades regarding the adverse health effects from environmental pollutants. The science is irrefutable that we are unknowingly poisoning ourselves. Well-known examples of identified environmental toxin exposure include the removal of lead from paint and gasoline and the banning of the pesticide DDT, and required labeling of trans fat in foods. These bans came only after years of brain damage, developmental delays, and other health damage had occurred. Many more toxins are present in your environment have been proven to be potently harmful to health, yet government and industry (and we ourselves) are slow to act.

Not any more.

Now is the time to act and save yourself and your loved ones from the suffering caused by environmental toxins.

The Toxin Elimination course teaches you in simple terms how to:

  • Identify everyday toxin sources (in air, water, food, and elsewhere)
  • Avoid exposure to toxins
  • Remove toxins from your body

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Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of environmental pollutants with this simple, straightforward, and comprehensive course.

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Eliminating Toxins

Our modern world is full of toxins: from plasticizers to heavy metals and pesticides to hormone disruptors, our world and bodies are toxic. Learn how to avoid and eliminate toxins from your body and organs.

About the Course Author

Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS, is a biochemist, nutritionist, and wellness teacher who is deeply committed to transforming lives through optimizing health. After obtaining his graduate degree in biochemistry, he obtained his Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential and focused his learning on understanding and addressing the root causes of illness using functional methods. Nicholas has received advanced training in functional medicine, nutrition, nutrigenomics, mental health, integrative medicine, autism and neurology. By utilizing advanced blood, urine, and genetic analysis, Nicholas identifies and treats the unique root causes of health conditions and sees remarkable transformations in his clients' health. He helps people with a wide range of conditions and has special expertise in brain-related disorders (mood, attention, anxiety, insomnia, autism, Alzheimer’s, etc), infertility, autoimmune disease, fatigue, and allergy. His friendly manner, dedicated concern, and detailed insight make healing a pleasant process.

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Functional Wellness Courses is a repository of the best, most effective education to help you overcome various health challenges. Taught by top Functional Medicine clinicians, the fxWellness courses are accurate, concise, and life changing.

Whether you’re dealing with hormonal issues, infertility, weight issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, skin problems, chances are functional medicine can help you.

At the core of Functional Medicine is lifestyle change. This means that the most powerful means of healing lies within your own body and that through supporting the functioning of your body through eating certain foods, moving in a healthy way, taking care of your mind, and making other simple lifestyle choices, your body can move from a place of disease to health.

Functional Wellness Courses teach you how to implement lifestyle change in an easy, almost effortless fashion. This is because we incorporate all four pillars of effective education to help you understand your condition and how to help it as quickly and effectively as possible.

Purchase the Toxin Elimination Course

Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of environmental pollutants with this simple, straightforward, and comprehensive course.

$297.00 value...
ONLY $27

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Motivation is key

Motivation overcomes inertia. If you feel stuck in your wellness goals or unable to get yourself to take action, then healthy motivation is the antidote.

Everything you do, you do because of motivation, and the fxWellness courses naturally motivate you, in a friendly way, to take action.



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Everything we do at fxWellness has the goal of improving your life. We hope to help you reverse disease, feel better, feel happier, and enrich all ares of your life. Health is one of your most important assets. Without health, everything else is difficult. With good health, everything is enriched. Make one of the most important investments you can make in your life: your health. Let us guide you in your journey to optimal health.

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Leslie Kelley, Utah

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Thank you for helping my daughter overcome her severe, persistent depression. Your work is life changing. Keep it up.

O. Bluth, Oregon

Working with your courses has been amazing. You are very knowledgeable about how to combat depression and anxiety and live a more full, rewarding life. I got great feedback and advice specific to my struggles. The weekly assignments were tailored to my needs and were just what I needed to work on to improve my life. The course let me set my own pace for change yet still challenge myself to improve.

S. Hellyer, AF, UT

Purchase the Toxin Elimination Course

Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of environmental pollutants with this simple, straightforward, and comprehensive course.

$297.00 value...
ONLY $27

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